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Akshara Agenda 2025: 7Is for 7L on Scale in TRUE Livelihoods

Agenda: identify, induct and mentor 7Is – insights, ideas, initiatives, instruments, interventions, individuals and institutions – for 7Ls - life, living, livelihoods, linkages, leadership, learning and love – in livelihoods, development and poverty reduction domain.

Critical focus: enrich and spread new TRUE Livelihoods thinking/practice, and identify, build and mentor mentors/anchors/life-workers to increase availability of reliable quality livelihoods support [individuals, entrepreneurs & organizations – LSIs/LSEs/LSOs] for poor.


o   ‘livelihoods’ (e-monthly, journal, info-portal/web-channel, tvc); online/distance learning; L-talks/conversations; databases of LSIs, LSOs, LSEs, GPs, CBOs and Small CSOs

o   Livelihoods Books/e-books; Collection of Livelihoods Literature – Books, Articles, Stories, Case Studies, Songs, Videos; Livelihoods Resource Centre, L-shop

o   Visioning, Strategic Planning/Management, Institution Design/Building Support

o   Livelihoods Learning Programs, VLM Learning Programs, Immersions, Orientation; partnerships with institutions

o   Livelihoods Curriculum, Influencing students and teachers

o   Interns, Fellows; Graduated Fellowships: Young Interns to Distinguished Fellows

o   Implementation Support

[Visioning, Planning, Leadership, Management, Implementation, Monitoring, and Learning] –

       adoption of villages, CBOs, GPs, small CSOs, Schools, Anganwadis/PHCs, public services;

       Field Stations and Field Practice in LF including Education, Health, Security and Vulnerability;

       Field Partnerships including Partnerships with Organizations working in remote, and neglected areas;

       Long-term Support Partnerships;

       Support to LSIs, LSEs and LSOs;

       Awards to Grassroots workers and Organizations; Legends; Annual Livelihoods Congress

o   Talent Support:

Counseling, coaching e-classes and material, tests, Placement, Selection, Induction

o   Skilling Value-chain, Development Sector Skill Council

o   Mission ‘Poverty-free India 2025’ or 150 Million Improved Livelihoods or 10 Million Individuals working for Self-help Movement or SwayamSahaayataJanaandolan and collectivization/collectives

o   National Network/Consortium of L-PR-D professionals for Consulting Support

[Savings, Insurance, Solidarity/Stake, Learning and Engagement]

[Consulting in Visioning, Planning, Leadership, Management, Implementation, Monitoring, and Learning Areas]

       New Thinking and Practice in Livelihoods Domain – Integrated TRUE Livelihoods Framework, LEAP Processes, Value-chains, Subsectors, Watersheds+

       Design and Strategic/Project Management (Resources, Systems, Processes) Support to Development Projects; Assessments

       Learning Programs modules/learning; livelihoods thinking/learning; development/ livelihoods management; induction; community leadership/ facilitation

o   Association/Forum of L-PR-D Professionals:

Solidarity, Learning, Insurance

o   Union of L-PR-D Community Professionals:

Solidarity, Learning, Insurance, Credit, Engagement

Let us go TRUE; entire spectrum; National; Fellowships; Skills value-chain; Talent support