Livelihoods Scoping Support

Analyzing the current reality of existing multiple and dynamic livelihoods, inter-linkages, within the farming system(s) and outside, subsectors, value-chains etc., jointly with the community and other key stakeholders using a variety of participatory, comparative, analytical tools/processes including LEAP tools, and understanding the gaps, and opportunities locally or otherwise for enhancing  livelihoods. 
Participatory Poverty/Livelihoods Assessments (Tribal, Rural and Urban Sites), 500+ LEAPs across the country, 100+ Value chains and 20+ Sub-sector Analyses 
  • Sub-sector Analyses - Watersheds+, Dairy, Oilseeds/oils, Paddy, Ragi, Handlooms, NTFP, Palmyrah, Livestock, Fisheries, Salt, Cashew, Pulses, Mango, Labor, Endogenous Tourism, Non-farm, Migration, Education, Health and  etc.
  • NTFP Markets and Value Chains in AP, Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Jharkhand and Uttarakhand; Supply Chain Management of major NTFPs in four districts of AP
  • Non-farm Scoping (Jiwati, Maharashtra)
  • Exploring dairy augmentation (Kosgi+5 mandals – AP/Telangana)
  • Country Report (with IIMA) – Changing Business Environment and Dairy Cooperatives in India
  • Study of Paddy (Rice) Trade Practices for Potential Interventions (AP, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu)  
  • Market and Cost economics of Brick Kiln Production around Hyderabad
  • Rural – Urban Migration - impact of watersheds 
  • Value Chain Analysis with Gender Focus - Rajasthan
  • Climate change, livelihoods and women - Telangana, Karnataka
  • Livelihoods Scoping and Planning -
    • CBO-Districts Planning in UP 
    • Jharkhand Livelihoods Assessment and Scoping
    • Livelihoods (other than fishing) Scoping in Tsunami affected Areas (AP and Tamilnadu) 
    • Livelihoods Support (collectivization, linkages) scope for MFIs
  • Understanding and supporting livelihoods around a river basin [Baitarini River Basin Project]
  • Understanding market feasibility of urban livelihoods in AP 
  • Multi-sectoral Drought Assessment (Gulbarga, Bijapur, Bagalkot and Bidar) 
  • Time-motion study framework for engaging persons with disability (AP-MGNREGS)
  • Selection of sites for establishing Agricultural Waste based Power Plants in five districts of AP/Telangana
  • A Study on Elderly Health Status, Telangana