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Aksharakriti Events

Led by Founder and Chief Mentor - G Muralidhar, its consulting unit, ALPL, has taken charge of offering consulting support - services, tool kits, and products.

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Using the highlighted slide show

The slide show can have up to five images that will rotate. All the fields are mandatory and the images require some care due to their dimensions. Complete details on how to work with this feature are available in the Open Outreach documentation.

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The highlighted slide show lets you draw users in with an engaging image and a couple of sentences of text that provide a entry way to a section of your website or a particular piece of content. Replace with an appropriate title, your image, kicker text and link or delete this whole sample.

Akshara Agenda 2025: 7Is for 7L on Scale in TRUE Livelihoods

Akshara Agenda 2025: 7Is for 7L on Scale in TRUE Livelihoods


Agenda: identify, induct and mentor 7Is – insights, ideas, initiatives, instruments, interventions, individuals and institutions – for 7Ls - life, living, livelihoods, linkages, leadership, learning and love – in livelihoods, development and poverty reduction domain.

Critical focus: enrich and spread new TRUE Livelihoods thinking/practice, and identify, build and mentor mentors/anchors/life-workers to increase availability of reliable quality livelihoods support [individuals, entrepreneurs & organizations – LSIs/LSEs/LSOs] for poor.



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